Caribbean Restaurants Moseley

Caribbean Restaurants Moseley

We are  one of the leading Caribbean restaurants and Jamaican restaurants in Moseley, Birmingham and the West Midlands. Our West Indian restaurant food offers a range of authentic and delicious Caribbean food, including ackee and saltfish, curried goat and Matagee. Get in touch with our restaurant to find out more.

Jamaican Restaurants Birmingham

As one of the leading Jamaican restaurants in the area, we offer delicious Jerk chicken and shrimps. Jerk is a seasoning that is originally from Jamaica, but has become popular around the world. Our spicy Jerk marinade is the speciality at our West Indian restaurant. If you are looking for Caribbean restaurants, look no further than our exceptional place to eat.

West Indian Restaurant West Midlands

If you fancy trying something different, try the delights that we have on offer at our West Indian restaurant. We are proud of our reputation as one of the best Jamaican restaurants and Caribbean restaurants around, and we always strive to offer all of our customers a tasty meal that they won't soon forget.